The Paper Daughters of Chinatown
Book Club Discussion Questions:


1.     How do you think Tai Choi was affected when she found out her father had sold her?

2.     How do you imagine Tai Choi felt when she was forced to take on a fake name––Tien Fu Wu, and lied about her identity?

3.     When Tien Fu Wu arrived in a new country where she had no family and friends, and didn’t understand the language, what emotions do you think she went through?

4.     Why do you think Dolly Cameron decided to stay and work at the Mission Home after her one-year teaching contract was over?

5.     Why did it take Tien Fu so long to trust Dolly Cameron and the other staff members at the Mission Home?

6.     What are some things Tien Fu learned about herself when going through difficult challenges?

7.     Do you think the Stanford University students did the right thing by protesting Kum Quai’s arrest? Or should they have let the authorities handle the situation?

8.     How important was Tien Fu’s work? What if Dolly Cameron never had an interpreter? How did that change things?

9.     Dolly Cameron never got married. How do you think she felt whenever she hosted wedding receptions in the Mission Home for the rescued women? 

10.  Both Dolly Cameron and Tien Fu Wu were immigrants who devoted their lives to serve the people in their adopted country, America. How does their story make you think about immigrants?