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Project #1:

Ninety-Nine Lost Fathers, A Memoir

This is a multigenerational Chinese family saga that starts with a matrilocal marriage in 1895 and ends with an interracial marriage in 1995. It is set across the Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China era.

The Hong family has a history of genetic sexual attraction, in-clan adoption, disowning children, as well as a high-profile secret about their ancestors’ true identities that the Central Government of Taiwan has been keeping from them. As if cursed, children of the Hong family will always struggle to know their clan history and, in turn, their own identities. The Hongs is a family that loses their children.

Current word count: 27,000.

Manuscript will be ready for agents and publishers in Fall 2021.

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Project #2:

Six Sage Society, A Novel

Based on a true story, this is a Young Adult novel with cross over potential. Twenty-four-year-old Jullian Gold discovers a family secret that originates from a Chinese prophesy in 771 B.C.: her family belongs to an imperial secret society and she’s destined to fulfill the thousand-year-old prophecy to reunite the lost royal brotherhood.

This story is set in three places: a fictional town in Mongolia, a fictional island in southeast Asia, and in Utah, U.S.A.

Current word count: 38, 000

Manuscript will be ready for agents and publishers in Fall 2021.

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